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Johns Hopkins Hospital Surplus Furniture Resources

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the difference between the Good, Fair, and Refurb conditions? Furniture in "Good" condition will show signs of normal wear and tear, pieces in "Fair" condition will have more than the normal amount of wear and have slight visible damage but is serviceable. Furniture noted as "Refurb" has excessive wear and tear and should be refurbished before use.

  • What is the average pricing for refurbishing? There are few reliable formulas for computing refurbishing labor and material costs, but in most all cases it is cheaper than buying new. In cases where the furniture being refurbished is of a high quality and a high initial purchase price, the savings can be significant. Refurbishing services include re-upholstery of seating, repainting of metal storage, and wood touch up.

  • How long will it take to get an item that I ordered? Typically, it will take 5-8 business days for you to receive ordered items. If you have requested refurbishing, it can take 2-3 weeks days to receive your order.

  • I work at Hopkins, but I want to purchase an item for personal use. Is that acceptable? Yes, you can order items for personal use. You will need to pay for your furniture with a check and mail it to the following address: 1780 E Fayette St, B-136 B, Baltimore, MD 21287. Please put the item number(s) on the reference line of the check. Once we receive your check, we will schedule time for you to pick-up your items from the Fayette Street Loading dock.

  • I have surplus furniture in my department, how do I get it picked-up? Please send an email with the item(s), location, and CC# or IO# to Furniture@jhmi.edu

  • I am at JHU, can I access this furniture? Yes! You can order the furniture from our inventory, but we encourage you to review the JHU Inventory prior to ordering from JHH. You can contact the Johns Hopkins University Sustainability office if you have any questions about the JHU surplus furniture program.

  • What will your team pick-up? Our team will pick-up any surplus furniture, bulk trash, or unwanted/broken electronics for recycling.

  • I have unwanted furniture, but it is in bad condition, will your team still pick-it up? Yes! Even if an item is broken, please let us know. If items are not in good enough condition to be reused within the hospital, then we will donate items to a non-profit, or recycle the furniture. These options are better than the trash!

  • What non-profits have you donated furniture to? We have donated furniture to Brother’s Brother Foundation, United Way, Baltimore City Public Schools, Boys and Girls Club, and Global Links. If you are a non-profit who is interested in furniture, please email Furniture@jhmi.edu. We will need a copy of your 501(c)(3) paperwork and you will need to pick-up your items directly from our warehouse.

  • Where is your warehouse? Our warehouse is located nearby at the Re-form remanufacturing facility in East Baltimore.